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Hi I’m Becky!

I’m an Integrity and Empowerment Coach. I work with women and men looking to come home to their true selves, find and embrace their purpose, and live a life aligned with their values.

I was a perennial wallflower. I was the shyest and quietest person in every room. I struggled with self-esteem and confidence. I carried shame and guilt around relationships, and for my body. I searched personal development books for answers. I read the words, but it was'n’t until I had a support system and reached out to flesh-and-blood people, that I found real forgiveness, acceptance, and compassion for myself and others.

I consider myself a wildflower now. I’m still shy and quiet - and that’s perfectly okay - because I know I can still follow a path of meaning and purpose, even if I have to carve it myself. Isn’t that the path of wild roots?